Kaylan O’Meara

Kaylan O’Meara


Kaylan joins the Active Health team in Edinburgh from Canada where she qualified as a physiotherapist in 2011. Kaylan completed an Honours Bachelor of Science in physiology and psychology at the University of Toronto and then went on to do her Masters of Science in Physiotherapy at McMaster University.

After graduating, Kaylan returned to her hometown of Oshawa and gained experience in private practice. She rehabilitated musculoskeletal injuries, but specialised in neurological rehabilitation and worked with varied conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and stroke. This experience taught her to take a holistic approach to treatment and consider the entire body’s contributions to an injury when creating a treatment plan. She developed the skills required to break down a movement into its component parts and build it back up again without dysfunction. During this time she also provided physiotherapy in the home and hydrotherapy in the pool, which broadened her skill set further.

After two years gaining such varied experience she moved out to the Wild West to Lloydminster (both Saskatchewan and Alberta) in 2013 and became passionate about musculoskeletal rehabilitation. This was a rural setting that allowed her to work with a wide range of injuries in a multidisciplinary medical team. The clinic was located in a sports complex and Kaylan worked with everyone from cowboys, rig hands, athletes, postoperative patients, paediatrics, geriatrics, and the average office worker. She implemented a secondary rehabilitation program involving complex clients that required more comprehensive intervention to get back to work. In her time there she gained experience helping diverse populations work towards very different functional goals.

After working in Canada for 4 years she decided to take advantage of her Irish ancestry and venture across the pond to live abroad and explore Europe. Since moving to Edinburgh in September 2015, Kaylan has been working in private practice with athletes and the general population. She has completed APPI training and is a pilates instructor as well as being experienced in teaching 1:1 pilates sessions, and incorporating pilates theory and exercises into treatment. She has a keen interest in running injury prevention and has completed certification in runner gait analysis and retraining. She combines manual therapy, dry needling, therapeutic taping, biomechanics retraining, and an individualised exercise program to target client specific deficits and ensure client goals are met.

In her spare time Kaylan loves being active and enjoys running, cycling, hill-walking, ultimate frisbee, football, and snowboarding. On the more artistic side she enjoys painting and sculpting and is making slow progress at learning Spanish. She loves to travel and is always looking for new opportunities for growth.