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Anthoula Foti
Anthoula was born and raised in Kos, a beautiful Greek island. Her academic background includes a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from the University of Thessaly (2012-2017) and a Masters of Science in Advanced Physiotherapy (Neurology) from Keele University (2020- 2023).Her journey in the world of physiotherapy has been shaped by a passion for helping others and a commitment to ongoing learning. Anthoula has experience in musculoskeletal and sports injury rehabilitation. She has worked in private practice in Athens and Newcastle and has worked as a physiotherapist with PGMOL supporting Premier League football referees and working with their coaches during strength and performance sessions. She enjoys working with a diverse range of patients, including athletes and patients recovering from surgery or musculoskeletal pain, as well as those with neurological conditions. Her top priority is to provide personalised treatment plans that benefit the unique needs of each patient. Anthoula's comprehensive approach to physiotherapy involves thorough assessments and hands-on techniques, such as manual therapy and soft tissue massage. She also incorporates acupuncture and designs tailored exercise programs based on her patients' individual requirements. This well-rounded perspective enriches her practice, ensuring a compassionate and holistic approach to physiotherapy.Outside of her professional endeavours, Anthoula is passionate about her personal fitness pursuit. She views it as a continuous learning experience, and believes it enhances her understanding of the human body and allows her to discover creative and effective exercises for the benefit of her patients. Outside of work, she finds joy in reading, exploring new horizons through travel, and she cherishes moments spent with loved ones.
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