Douglas Aitken

Douglas Aitken

Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist

Having worked in the Health and Fitness industry in Edinburgh for a number of years, Douglas’s interest in Sports and Remedial Massage arose from his own personal struggle to find a solution to his own sports injuries. These resulted from many years of competing at bodybuilding to a British level and from participating and teaching martial arts. He is qualified in Swedish, Sports and Remedial Massage having trained at the Scottish Massage Schools and is a registered member of the Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation (SMTO).

After his completion on his Swedish, Sports and Remedial Massage Diploma, Douglas is confident with his knowledge in anatomy, physiology and pathology, stress management, practice management and an up to date first aid certificate. There are numerous massage therapy techniques allowing Douglas to offer the best treatment possible at Active Health, Edinburgh. These deep tissue and relaxation techniques include: effleurage, friction, compression, petrissage and tapotement. Myofascial (MFR) release, neuro- muscular techniques, trigger point therapy and muscle energy techniques (MET) are also utilised during Douglas’s treatments.

These treatments are complimented with active, passive and resisted stretching which help the body emphasise the releasing work and increase the muscle and joint flexibility. He continues learning and developing new skills by attending new courses and work shops which enables him to provide the best treatment to his clients.

In 2012, Douglas completed his Advanced Remedial qualification in Edinburgh, which has enhanced his massage therapy skills. There are numerous massage techniques attained during his studies with particular emphasis on joint examination and specific techniques added to enhance his massage treatments including joint mobilizations. During his Diploma in Advanced Remedial Massage in Edinburgh, Douglas also increased his knowledge in anatomy and physiology, pharmacology and increased his knowledge in pathological conditions. This creates massage treatment knowledge that opens up a wider range of possibilities of ailments and conditions to be treated.

Combining Doug’s existing experience working with sports related conditions, he has also worked with patients suffering from degenerative conditions such as arthritis, Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis. The “over use” conditions such as RSI (repetitive strain injuries) can cause wear and tear through out the body and are also commonly treated by Doug. This is common with any continual pattern that the body is exposed to relating to work posture, sporting competition/ training and disabilities that can create imbalances in the soft tissues and joints during movement and also prolonged static posture/s. In some cases this may result in joint replacements, discectomies and other surgery procedures to ease the inflammatory and pain producing structures. Massage therapy has helped these people manage the symptoms associated with these occurrences, relieving their pain and helping them gain more range of motion and recovery post-surgery, ultimately improving their quality of life.

With his history in bodybuilding and martial arts Douglas has the strength as a Remedial Massage Therapist and a sports participant to understand and adapt to an extended clientele. This includes athletes with all aspirations, office workers/ professionals and those of all ages. His pressure can be applied to suit each individual’s preferences and the variety of techniques he is specialised in allows him to promote the best massage therapy treatment for ideal results.


Specific interests and qualifications

  • Advanced remedial massage
  • Sports massage
  • Swedish/ relaxation massage