Active health treatments

At Active Health we provide health care of the highest quality. Our team is enthusiastic and caring and has diverse experience and expertise with the aim of reducing your pain, increasing your vitality and maximising your quality of life.
Physiotherapy is a science-based health care profession which improves, maintains and restores your well-being. It aims to use physical approaches to reduce pain and aid repair of damaged tissues by promoting the body’s own healing mechanisms.
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Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy works with the soft tissues of the body (muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue/ fascia) to initiate changes, which begin to aid healing processes from within.
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Podiatry & Chiropody
The aim of podiatry treatment is to improve and manage foot health. It is also to assess and diagnose any foot pain disorders, which may create pain locally and further up the body.
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Craniosacral Therapy
CST can help people of all ages by supporting and enhancing their body’s own self-healing capacity.
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Reflexology is a therapy based on the theory that all the organs, glands and systems of the body have corresponding reflex points in the feet and hands.
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Pilates is a holistic exercise system designed to lengthen, strengthen and restore the body to balance and is a fantastic complement to any bodywork therapy or as an exercise on its own.
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Shockwave therapy
ESWT (Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy) therapy is a non-surgical treatment, and works by delivering impulses of energy, targeted to specific damaged tissues within. 
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