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Chloé Boullier

After completing a BA in Sociology at an American University, a year’s work in New York and obtaining an MSC at Durham University, Chloé began to realise that her life was lacking balance, consequentially affecting both her physical and mental health. This began to manifest itself in panic attacks, anxiety and insomnia.

Turning to complementary therapies and yoga, Chloé quickly realised that reflexology in particular could provide the balance that she needed and deserved. Taking just one hour away from the world with the sole purpose of relaxing proved to be hugely beneficial for her mind and wellbeing. These experiences as a reflexology client quickly made her believe that retraining and practicing reflexology was the perfect next step for her and she has never looked back!

Chloé’s unique connection with her clients was born from this personal journey towards self-care and wellbeing and she rejoices in sharing her passion and gift for reflexology with everyone, ensuring that each session will leave you feeling relaxed, restored and reenergised!

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