Our Therapists

Barbara Phipps
Life and Health Coach

Barbara grew up in Northern Ireland and qualified from Nottingham University Medical School in 1997. She currently works both as an NHS GP and ICF certified Transformational Coach. She has completed ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited training and loves coaching and continues to be fascinated by how powerful it is.

There were a couple of reasons why Barbara decided to train as a coach. The first was because she had found coaching so helpful for herself. She found that coaching gave her the clarity that she needed to move forward. Barbara also realised that coaching was, in itself, what she wanted to do because it encompassed all of the things she loved about being a doctor (meeting fantastic and interesting people and helping and empowering them) without the bits she doesn’t enjoy so much (i.e firefighting and trying to be everything to everyone in a 10 minute appointment!). As a coach she has the luxury of more time, which allows Barbara and her client the opportunity to find out where their strengths and passions lie, what their desired goals are and how to reach them. She has a particular interest in helping people to improve their health and well-being, and also to help those who feel at a transition point in their lives and would like to gain more clarity and direction.

You may feel that you have been feeling “stuck” for quite a while, going around in circles, unable to move forward. Coaching has the power to “unstick” and to create clarity, movement, positive change and with that a sense of joy.

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